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Ken Ham & Dr. Terry Mortenson, Answers in Genesis 72 Comments [4/28/2008 6:54:05 PM]
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I am not concerned by such quibbles, least of all in the favor of a creature like Saccone or Moore and giving them the benefit of a recount. Neither Saccone nor Moore in my view deserve the potential benefit of a recount.

I won't lie, if the beneficiary of a recount would be a Democratic nominee, I would be all for it.

All these legalese files and such you've recounted hold no importance to me. What matters is my ideological friend Conor Lamb won.


I am not edgier than thou with this. I have shared my exact views on the subject.

niam2023, FSTDT Forums 4 Comments [3/20/2018 7:37:21 AM]
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Pedophiles have the exact same ability to develop romantic feelings for children — to fall in love with them — as any other person has for the people they’re attracted to. Of course, a pedophile will have to be in a position where he can have a (completely appropriate) relationship with the child enough to get to know him or her in order for that to happen, and that is not always the case. Many pedophiles choose to avoid being around children for a variety of reasons, ranging from a concern that they will offend — a self-inflicted doubt instilled by the internalization of the prevailing and stigmatizing narrative that all pedophiles are child molesters or ticking time bombs waiting to explode — to a paranoia that others will find out about them if they look a little too long or awkwardly at a child, to simply wanting to avoid the pain of unrequited love, which can be hard to bear. And yet a lot of pedophiles find themselves in a situation where they have fallen in love with a child, and all they can do is suffer it in silence.

In summary, a pedophile’s attraction to children is virtually indistinguishable from a heterosexual man’s attraction to women or a homosexual woman’s attraction to other women. Of course there are variations in the way pedophiles experience their attraction to children, but not in a greater or lesser degree than there are variations in the way others experience their own attractions. For some it is more visceral, more physical/sexual, while for others it is much more emotional, and even paternal in many cases. Pedophiles can certainly obsess over children, but not in any higher degree than any other person can obsess over someone they are attracted to. And of course, pedophiles can behave inappropriately with children, making unsolicited and unwanted sexual advances, but once again, there is no evidence that this would happen at any higher rate among pedophiles than people of other sexual orientations.

Assuming that a pedophile’s attraction to children is inherently perverse or evil is wrong and only contributes to further the stigmatization and vilification of people who, as a group and by definition, are not criminals or desire to harm anyone in any way. Acknowledging that there’s nothing inherently wrong about being attracted to children, given that it’s not something a person was ever given a choice about, in no way excuses anyone from behaving inappropriately with a child. Accepting that there isn’t anything inherent to pedophilia that makes anyone do anything they don’t want to do, or that impairs anyone’s ability to know right from wrong, also doesn’t excuse child sexual abuse.

Ender wiggin, Medium 2 Comments [3/23/2018 8:02:29 AM]
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A psychiatric perspective on pedophilia
(it applies to all paraphilias, but since the discourse is mostly focused on MAPs I’m doing it about that)

There is a spreading misunderstanding about paraphilias and specificly about pedophilia. People keep mixing and cofusing concepts, calling mental illness to things that aren’t or the opposite, trying to turn healthy people in mentally ill in some kind of twisted idea of “therapy”. So I just want to make clear the three basic concepts and how therapists work over this.

Also, I have seen tons of antis (bringing this from Tumblr, but it’s the same outside there) saying MAPs they should seek therapy but at the same time they claim that if a MAP doesn’t hate themselves then they is gross and nasty. This shows how little antis know about actual psychiatry and how therapy works, so I would like to help everyone here to understand therapy and achive with that a better understanding of sexuality, mental illness and improving our work towads increasing the number of healthy, happy people and decreasing child abuse in all its ways. So here we go, the three basics concepts:

-POCD: This is NOT pedophilia. The person doesn’t feel attracted to minors, just have intrusive thoughts that are egodystonic and totally unwanted. They know they aren’t going to hurt children but they feel awful about their thoughts and have to do compulsive actions to feel better. This is just as any other OCD, it doesnt matter what are the thoughts about, csa, get an infection, kill your family… The important thing here is treat the OCD (what sadly is really hard), but nothing to do with pedophilia. These people aren’t MAPs and this isn’t their sexuality, this doesn’t have anything to do with pedophilia, but some people mistake it for “pedophilic disorder”, another concept I’ll explain later.

-Pedophilic sexuality (or pedophilic sexual orientation): This is just the sexual attraction towards children (<13 y/o in DSM V terms). It just implies a person who has this specific sexuality. They feel aroused for children, but that doesn’t mean they are going to act over these feelings irl. In this case we consider pedophilia just as any other sexuality. It isn’t a disorder and it doesn’t have treatment. We have a person who is aroused by children but doesn’t feel bad about it and never acts over it in real life. They DON’T have a disorder and they don’t need therapy. Pedophilia is not a mental illnes, but it isn’t a moral degeneration or abomination either. It is just a variation of human sexuality, normal and never a problem itself. In fact, quoting Dr. Fred S. Berlin (associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine):

[…] the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has stated its intention to remove the term Pedophilic Sexual Orientation from the diagnostic manual.2 Removing that term in response to public criticism would be a mistake. Experiencing ongoing sexual attractions to prepubescent children is, in essence, a form of sexual orientation, and acknowledging that reality can help to distinguish the mental makeup that is inherent to Pedophilia, from acts of child sexual abuse.
This is the source, really interesting and informative, I encourage you to read it. Also, the DSM V stated clearly the difference between a pedophilic sexuality and a pedophilic disorder.

-Pedophilic disorder: Here we have a person with a pedophilic sexuality (so, a MAP) BUT who also feels distressed about it (hates themselves, feels anxious, depressed, thinks they are awful and going to hurt children even if it isn’t true…) OR have self-control problems or some distortion that leads them to actual abuse. On DSM terms:

A. Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age 13 years or younger).
B. The individual has acted on these sexual urges, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.
C. The individual is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child or children in Criterion A.
Note: do not include an individual in late adolescence involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with a 12- or 13-year-old.
In first case I mention you need to treat the distress. The goal of therapy isn’t change or lesser the attraction, as some people think. And for sure, it isn’t teaching pedophiles that they are terrible and awful and should hate themselves either. Pedophilia is just a sexuality and sexualities can’t be cured (trying that is conversion therapy and that doesnt work at all). So what you try in therapy is to teach these people that their attractions are ok, treat the anxiety and depression, help them to accept themselves and have a healthy sexuality without harm anyone (like, masturbation with fantasies, consensual sex with adults if they aren’t exclusive MAPs, rp, simulated cp is used in some countries and it has showed to decrease irl csa, so that is used too, etc).

Most of these MAPs are scared of themselves and even when they know they won’t never harm a child they can be afraid to lose control due to a depressive cognitive distortion (that does not indicate a real loss of control, but an obsessive thought over loss of control itself) so you have to work over that too. And about the second group, if they have self-control problems you work in therapy and maybe with some drugs over it. Also, if they have already abused an actual child then therapy focused too in self-control and sometimes lesser their libido, but that is forensic psychiatry field, not just psychiatry and doesn’t have anything to do with non offending maps, the ones I’m focusing here.

So basically, to summarize, people who are MAPs and feel bad about it should and deserve get help. But the help is only going to treat their distress, so the goal is turning a pedophilic disorder in a pedophilic sexuality, never change the attraction, that is always going to be there. We should remember that most child abusers aren’t even MAPs, they dont feel attracted to children (2/3 child abusers are “opportunistic” offenders, so pedophiles aren’t the actual cause of csa), and the ones who are MAPs have different brains that the NOMAPSs (offending MAPs show more lack of self control, empathy, understanding of consequences of their acts, cognitive distorions… While NOMAPs don’t show this, so they dont have the main risk factors for csa).

Tumblr MAP community is really a good thing that therapists should support and encourage. Universalization is a kind of therapy, in fact (this is the awareness that their sexuality is a state shared with other human beings and that it is compatible with mental health and not offending). MAP community doesnt’ say children can consent or that we should abolish AOC or something like that. No, they are just MAPs who are trying to accept themselves and living their lifes in a harmless way. They are working to treat their pedophilic disorder (not their pedophilic sexuality, that, again, can’t be treated) in a support group, what is really good and positive. We can’t forget that MAPs are a high suicide risk group, specially minors, and they deserve support and positivity. People can’t choose their feelings, but they can choose their actions. A MAP doesn’t choose feel attracted to children, but they can choose never harm a child and have a happy life, and that is what therapists and the ones who works in csa prevention try.

If we want to talk about the actual risk factors for csa this aren’t pedophilia. Risk factors for abuse, all kind of abuse, are lack of self-control, low empathy, cognitive distortions, sadism… Sexual attraction is not an actual risk factor because people have morals and another traits that help them to understand what is wrong irl even if they like it in fantasy. So if we want to take really effective actions to prevent csa and protect children we need to work over the actual risk factors and try to understand pedophilia as much as we can.

Hating and attacking MAPs and the MAP community is not going to help anyone, only cause harm. NOMAPs who don’t have these risks factors aren’t going to abuse a children under any circunstance, so we have to help them to understand that too and love themselves, so they can have a plenty, healthy life as we fight all together against the real problem of child abuse. Throwing innocent and mentally ill people under the bus while the actual abusers (again, mostly not pedophiles, just opportunistics) keep harming children without anyone paying attention is not going to help children.

Demonization and misunderstading aren’t going to help children. Understanding, universalization, actual knowledge, acceptation and the right therapies are the things that are going to help us to save children and that we should use as weapons on this, not the visceral, hateful speech without base that antis like to use.

Please, educate yourself in these important issues before get into them or you could be more harmful than helpful.

Aleska Kolja, Medium 2 Comments [3/23/2018 8:02:19 AM]
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Good news: Stephen Hawking is no longer an atheist!

Bad news: it’s too late for him to repent of his blasphemy against His Creator and seek God’s mercy!

Woe unto worldly-wise men who forsake God. Don’t follow Hawking to Hell.

Westboro Baptist Church, Twitter 37 Comments [3/19/2018 5:16:58 AM]
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(This artwork by Luis Quiles depicts Dr. Richard Pan--California State Senator, practicing pediatrician, and strong supporter of mandatory vaccines--dressed like a Nazi (but his armband has a dollar sign instead of a swastika), as he gives an injection to a patient who has a skull for a head, which in turn has a skull-shaped tree growing out of it. Two butterflies with skulls on their wings fly nearby.)


Informed consent is essential with any pharmaceutical product.

Dr. Pain (Luis Quiles)
“About the senator in California Dr. Richard Pan, and the vaccines business.I’m not an antivaxx but I don’t support the pharmaceutic lobby, and it’s sad to see how many people can’t see the shades between both things.”

#Luis Quiles #vaccine #art #biology #science #informed consent

Luis Quiles and currentsinbiology, Tumblr 9 Comments [3/20/2018 9:09:33 AM]
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Quote# 137326

(=A response to the post "Why I consider the KJV only crowd a cult" - ironically the post was written by a known flat earth advocate=)

According to "Scholars" the reason these verses where left out or completely mangled from the Bible is because they found "earlier, more reliable" manuscripts, and these manuscripts where different than the manuscripts the KJV was translated from. They are talking about the sinaciticus and vaticanus texts. The Alexandrian cults created these texts and corrupted the Bible, and rejected throughout the centuries by the church as heretical. Just because we have older different texts doesn't make them the reliable ones. The vast majority of people were using the manuscripts translated into the KJV for centuries.

I do believe you can be from the NIV, there's enough Bible in there to present the gospel. But if you want to become a true bible student you need to switch to the KJV 1611...it's the most reputable and the most used in the history of english speakers. It's the truth and that's why the devil is attacking it so hard and has created these new perversions.

I don't speak greek or hebrew and I'm not going to pretend I know more than the 48 hebrew and Greek scholars who translated the KJV.

Tyler Anderson Coultier , Facebook 13 Comments [3/20/2018 9:16:21 AM]
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Quote# 137391

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Aaron Hernandez was molested by homosexual man(men?)as a child, led to many issues in his adult life"

Fox News link follows: http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/03/19/aaron-hernandez-struggled-with-being-gay-ex-girlfriend-says.html

This is why we must push back against the alt-left's sexualization and indoctrination of children. It's not just that pedophiles hurt children at the moment, but it's because they ALSO leave them with scars that those victims are left dealing with and trying to mend for a good portion of, if not their entire lives.

This needs to be stopped (if a straight person did that, they would be arrested for indecency with a minor. Why are there double-standards for sexual deviants?? ):

Lady Checkmate:
I apologize for the offensive images, but I've been told that a picture is worth a thousand, no a million words in this instance.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 19 Comments [3/21/2018 11:38:21 AM]
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Quote# 137410


You’re not the only anti-anti that thinks that, but unfortunately if you were looking for like-minded people to validate those feelings then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Of course, I stand by my belief that a closed off ideological community will frequently result in echochambers, drama, potential manipulation, corruption, and the like, that groups should always be open to criticism and discussion, for their own safety and successfulness.

The MAP community isn’t closed off though - the members interact with people outside of the community, there are allies who are part of the community, and there’s no political ideology that one has to subscribe to in order to join the community, so the members themselves self-police the risk of echochambers because they vary in stances on any given topic. There are conservative MAPs, liberal MAPs, MAPs who are against loli and ddlg, and MAPs who love those things. There are people in the community who are there because science and child abuse prevention and psychology, and there are people who are there because they started as anti-antis and realized that the “suicide baiting is wrong” and the “thoughts can’t harm” stuff applied there as well, there are people who are there because they hate and/or are concerned about pro-cs and see the NOMAP community as the best way to counteract them, and so on and so forth. There are so many reasons and thought processes and discussions - they even try to talk to and discuss things with antis themselves - so the community is incredibly good at being aware of the risks that come with closed-mindedness.

People work with adults. Whether or not somebody can do so safely is dependent on that person and on their own self-control, not on their paraphilias or attractions. There are people who take advantage of their position to hurt the adults that they work with (look at the Hollywood abuse scandals). People shouldn’t abuse anybody that they work with, child or adult - but whether they will do so isn’t based on whether or not they have an attraction (most child molesters aren’t MAPs, and rapists in general aren’t inherently attracted to their victims or even to their victims’ sex/gender), it’s based on a myriad of risk factors and personality traits and so forth.

As long as posts are adequately tagged, anonymous, marked as NSFW, and so forth, the only issue that I have with people talking about kid crushes (provided they haven’t done anything to harm the kid - such as harassment, leering, assault, etc) is that it leads to stuff like this. Plus people screenshot it and then post it untagged on a discourse blog, everybody sees it despite efforts by the original poster to keep it away from anybody who could be triggered… and then you get “ERMAGHERD THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT KIDS!!! THAT THEY FIND HOT!!! THEY’RE!!! TALKING!!! ABOUT!!! KIDS!!!” and I’m like… Yeah??? They find kids hot??? That’s why they’re MAPs, my dude??? I mean like, anything that I can think of that would be Too Far™ would also be too far with adults - be respectful about how you talk about other people publicly, obviously.

If you had a friend with violent thoughts, and occasionally they said things like “I really wanted to punch this guy the other day.” (speaking casually, not describing having had intent to do so) would you start calling them “skeevy”, “dangerous”, “sketchy”? It’s human to want to get things off your chest. It’s okay to not want to hear that - to block certain tags, or to ask people to not talk to you about it. But I can’t find myself able to tell people that their thoughts don’t make them evil, that they can accept and love themselves, and then force them to lock those thoughts inside because they’re too “evil” to be shared. It’s contradictory and potentially detrimental to that person.

eeveelutionsforequality, tumblr 6 Comments [3/22/2018 11:22:47 AM]
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Quote# 38249

(Theists have not had the answer for all of human history. That is why science is searching. We've made tremendous improvement since the medieval ages, when theism was rampant and superstion indestructable.)

and science doesn't have all the answers. That's why they are still searching and we theists already know the answer.

Self-Mutation, Internet Infidels 37 Comments [4/27/2008 6:46:03 AM]
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Quote# 38234

[On a discussion about the difference between the protestant version and Catholic version of the 10 commandments]

The Catholic religion has created its own loophole so you can perform your idolotry on Mary, Pedro...etc.

However, now that we have more bibles than rolls of toilet paper on this planet, ....it can't be kept a secret and the Catholic mindcontrol has been exposed...

clh1217, CARM.org 48 Comments [4/27/2008 11:57:13 AM]
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Quote# 38335

When I saw the news of those freakish tornadoes hitting in February that caused such havoc, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “What on earth are we doing to Israel?” God made it clear we are not to go against Jerusalem, God’s holy city, or tamper with His holy land. But our American leaders are, and I dread to think of the consequences as the “roadmap for peace” is negotiated... Watch the storms increase every time we double-cross little Israel. I believe we are just getting a taste of what is coming.

Jack Chick, Battle Cry- A Letter From Jack Chick 43 Comments [4/27/2008 8:49:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Bri

Quote# 38326

DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis aren't real; they only appear to be real.

wScott, CARM 56 Comments [4/27/2008 9:07:49 PM]
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Quote# 137411

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Atheist's Lies: "I used to be a Christian"

(Youtube video follows: https://youtu.be/MxbYXIZgc-s

Lady Checkmate:
That's one of their funniest lines lies.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion  9 Comments [3/22/2018 11:22:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 38346

lol Shows what a sheep you are. You bow down to your god Darwin. A religion that started in 1800.Before science knew it was possible that humans could fly. You worship science as your god? and your way of life. I feel sorry for you when you die. At least I have nothing to lose :)We are all going to die. Science cant even extend life or even bring back life

JamesJessica7771, Youtube comment 50 Comments [4/28/2008 4:17:51 PM]
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Quote# 137413

Secure your soul today!
Many people today do not believe there is Heaven or life after death. Others said the teaching of Hell is just a scare tactic. Do not believe these people. WE KNOW FOR SURE THAT THERE IS DEATH. If you are wise, then secure your soul today by fulfilling the requirement of Heaven, which is obedience to the Law that the Lord God gave to Moses, Prophets, and accepting Lord Jesus the Son of God, a GUIDE and SAVIOR of our souls. If life after death is not true, then you will never come to know it; You will not come back to life again. WHAT ABOUT IF THERE IS TRULY A LIFE AFTER DEATH, AND HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL? The words of God instructed that if you have fulfilled the requirements of the Lord God, then you will enter Heaven. If you did not, then it is too late for you to return to earth and relive an obedient life in Christ the Lord. You will enter Hell.

Do everything you can to secure your soul by obeying what the Lord God demands from you while you are still on the earth, as you are ensuring your financial stability for whatever may come in the future by learning everything in school. If you fall into poverty, it is only more than a hundred years or less of suffering on earth. In Hell, people are hungry but no food, thirsty and no water, in pain in the fire burning and no medicines, no house to live, no bed to lay head, and demons with spears are stabbing them FOREVER. People entered Hell because they spent their whole lives on earth on learning if God exists or not instead of obeying His Law and live the life of Christ the Lord.

Psalms 49:6-9
Those who trust in their wealth and boast in the multitude of their riches, none of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him— FOR THE REDEMPTION OF THEIR SOULS IS COSTLY, AND IT SHALL CEASE FOREVER— That he should continue to live eternally, and not see the Pit.

Isaiah 33:14 The sinners in Zion are afraid; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites: “Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?”

Holy Spirit
Facebook/ Mount Zion, gabrielle Riah?

Gabrielle Riah, Mount Zion, Youtube 10 Comments [3/22/2018 11:24:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

Quote# 137414

Yitzhak Rabin wanted to divide the land of Israel and create a Palestinian state. God allowed him to be shot and killed by one of his own people on November 4, 1995. Ariel Sharon wanted to divide the land to create a Palestinian state, and God allowed him to be taken down by a stroke in 2006 and eventually die in a coma. So along comes Benjamin Netanyahu who insists on an undivided Jerusalem for Israel, and he becomes the second-longest serving leader they have had. But with May 14th, 2018 now less than 8 weeks away, Netanyahu's world is crumbling and so is Trump's. The more I ponder on all this, the more I become convinced that the only reason God allowed Trump to win was to move that Embassy to Jerusalem to trigger events yet unknown but absolutely related to the end times.

Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins 4 Comments [3/22/2018 11:24:48 AM]
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Quote# 38401

Imagine if a jumbo jet 747 crash landed on an island and all the survivors, 100 men and 100 women, heard a news report that major worldwide earthquake killed all every man, woman and child (even the newscaster died after making his last broadcast). It was up to the crash survivors to repopulate the world, they were the only people alive in the whole world. The island was huge and they had plenty of water and food to sustain their lives for generations to come, but there is one caveat. All the survivors were homosexuals.

How many generations would these people be able to survive? Would they be able to repopulate the world? The answer is obvious. Humankind would die out when the final crash survivor died because those who practice the homosexual lifestyle cannot reproduce. In other words, the homosexual lifestyle is destructive to mankind!

Al Menconi, almenconi ministries 111 Comments [4/28/2008 4:21:56 PM]
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Quote# 137415

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Alt-Left News: UN’s radical agenda pushes sex, LGBT education starting in kindergarten"

(Lifesite News link follows: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/uns-radical-agenda-pushes-sex-lgbt-education-starting-in-kindergarten)

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified. Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Lady Checkmate:
That's child abuse and the promotion of abominations. I pray for the children in Jesus name. Any biological male and female parents that support that abuse and sexualization of children are being led by satan. We expect reprobates to accept and support that abuse and child rape because they are led by their father satan, who hates the seed. Any parent that loves their child will rebel against that abuse and sexualization of their children and other children as well.
Come quick Lord!

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 12 Comments [3/22/2018 11:24:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 137423

Tim Matter:
You don't deserve more rights than everybody else. Either keep your evangelists out of school, or allow everybody elses in too.

Guest Verified:
Who is talking about more rights? You are. You want all rights taken away from Christians and all rights given to haters and persecutors. You want it wiped out. Christians can't bake cakes, can't work as florists, can't serve in government, can't live their faith in the work place or classroom. That's persecution. Why don't you ask Muslims to take off their burkas or hijabs, or to stop praying three times a day?

Guest Verified, Christian News Network 13 Comments [3/22/2018 1:48:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 137393

The Christians didn't bring the slaves here, but once they were here, somebody had to take them in.
Naturally, good Christians treated slaves better than bad Christians.

They were making the best of a bad situation.
You have to think.
If the slaves went free, then where would they go? To the North, heaven forbid?
It was bad for blacks anywhere in America.
Still, many Christians assisted slaves in becoming literate, in buying their freedom, and in being able to support themselves in the New World.

., Y! answers 10 Comments [3/21/2018 11:41:51 AM]
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Quote# 38367

*about a student getting kicked out for not saying the pledge*

If you won't pledge to your country why should your country give you a free education?

Autumnleaf, Student booted from school after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance 49 Comments [4/28/2008 7:23:12 PM]
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Quote# 38358

Further, as a Christian, my job isn't to 'prove' anything. Sure, we have proof - Christian Theism is the Ultimate Fact of the universe, without it nothing could exist - but the evolutionists have decieved you if you think 'proof' is the issue.

It's absurd to try and 'prove' what you, I, and EVERY PERSON EVER BORN already know. Could I offer 'proof' that met their desired standard (I can offer proof - but I can't offer proof that meets their artificial man-determined standard), it would only 'prove' what they already know - that there is one God, He created this world, and we are all sinners born at enmity with Him.

arowneragain, arfcom 44 Comments [4/28/2008 4:27:31 PM]
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Quote# 38424

"My husband is a minister who does evangelistic work, but I am shy. I am active in my church but I wanted so much to witness to non-Christians...
I have been leaving Chick tracts everywhere! I leave them on shelves in the grocery store and drug stores, on phone booths, on newspaper boxes, in restaurants, in public restrooms, at the doctor's office. I made special trips to the local health department, WIC clinic, homeless health clinic...just to leave tracts. Even the food stamp office and Dept. of Human Services waiting rooms. The public library. Outside the high school in a bad neighborhood. I wrap them in plastic and toss them in driveways! I scan the local section of our paper for people convicted of DUI or other crimes and mail the tracts! If people did this in every town, so many could be reached. Oh yes, I send SOMEBODY LOVES ME to abortion clinics.

Anonymous Poster, www.chick.com 69 Comments [4/28/2008 11:27:28 PM]
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Submitted By: RFP15

Quote# 137396

[Comment on an article entitled 'why the Bible allows forced sex in marriage']

And I was looking around, and I thought what would happen if women all over the world just said NO, they said, nope, we’re refusing to have sex….I mean a complete blanket denial, a sexual “fast” as it were…what would happen? and what would happen if it was permanent?

I believe there would be MASS FORCED SEX on a world wide scale…..Biologically in order to propagate the species, in time men would take women by force if necessary in order to confront this vile evil of a woman’s refusal to disobey what she was created for

It’s like the old saying, “we can do this the hard way, or we can do it the easy way”……..And not once did I feel in my Spirit, that this would be wrong
A lot of readers here will be horrified and think I am advocating rape, but I’m not , I don’t see forced sex as “rape”….I see the women’s refusal however to propagate the species as sinful and needs to be confronted with force if necessary
Unfortunately we have been too conditioned by society to see that as a bad thing

Now the ideal of course, is for the women to submit, and for men to be gentle in getting sex, but there’s a greater picture here, than a woman’s hurt pride, it is the inherent nature of a woman to resist ALL forms of male authority, to listen to the JEZEBELIC spirit that seeks to viciously control and manipulate man through sex, to use sex as a weapon

Now my hypothetical scenario might not ever play out on a grand scale, but it does on a smaller scale….women continue to refuse to have sex with their husbands by using the “I’m not in the mood card”, and this can be an infinite loop a man can’t get out of, he can show Christ like patience, self control etc, but in the end, a woman can create the infinite loop by saying not tonight hun, I’m really not in the mood every time he approaches her for sex
As Christian men, we need to be strong and refuse to accept that situation, and sometimes forced sex is the only viable solution, after other measures have been taken
That is why I say to women who wish to get married “Don’t get married and destroy your husband’s soul, if you don’t want to have sex”

The reason we have “Slut walks”, and out of control promiscuous sexual behavior by WOMEN, is women want to set the terms and conditions for when they have sex, but what they don’t realize is that “sex” is not a choice, it is a command from GOD to indulge in within the confines of “marriage” in order to propagate the species and to raise “godly seed” for the next generation Malachi 2:15

This is why women were traditionally NEVER allowed to choose a man as her husband, that choice was made by her father, because if women had their way, they would never choose any one, she would be the victim of her own impossible standards, and indecisiveness
In fact the whole idea of “dating” today is patently un biblical, the very idea that we allow women to choose who they want to marry is stupid and sinful….Nope, what happens, is if a man see a desirable and attractive woman, he goes and asks her father the permission to take her as wife, if she refuse, who cares, it’s not up to here anyway…..That’s how it should be, that’s what works best for society as a whole, and in fact, it is still widely practiced today in a lot of cultures like the Middle East and India

Thoughts anyone?

Was I too harsh?

kryptonian51, Biblicalgenderroles 19 Comments [3/21/2018 11:42:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
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